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How To Order

For a Birthday cake planning

Birthday especially First Birthday is a hideous work for new parents. There is always a question of how much and how many kilos and what design. It is not as difficult as we would like to think. The best way to order a cake is calculate the number of guests and divide it by 10 for 100gm piece or divide it by 12 for 80gm pieces. For example, if you have 100 expected guests then for a regular size cake piece you would need 10 kgs, for a moderate size you would need 8 kgs.

Now, the design, our best suggestion to pick a design that your child can recognize. It could be any of the cartoon characters, objects, animals that are colorful ... And also pick a color that your child can recognize and appreciate. At the end of the day your child is the Prince/Princess of the day.

How much cake ???? Is it too much cake ? Or too less cake???

A regular one layer cake with customized design would be 3kg.For a 2 layer/2 tier cake minimum requirement would be 5 Kg and some designs would require 6 Kgs. Always taste the flavor @ any of or branches. Now which flavor is a major question. These are common flavors, fruit flavors & chocolate flavors pick something that will go with the guests.

For 3 layers Minimum is 9 kilos/12kilos to complete the structure.

How to order a wedding cake :-

Traditional | Fancy

You whole planning & cost depends upon how your wedding setting is. Traditional wedding requires traditional cake.Traditional are the ones that comes with a cake stand. It can be done as a circle, square, heart shapes. The cake will look taller. It can be chose to match the bride's costume color. Always remember to order or wedding doll to go with the cake..


We have more than 1000 designs of fancy, funky, humorous, elegant, stylish & wedding cakes. We can customize the intimate details shared between bride and groom. Pick a style that will go with the crowd & ambiance.

Sizes & Kilos

Most of the Fancy cakes are fully cakes. If and when needed we can create dummies. We can make wedding cakes from basic 3kg up to 150-300 kilos or we can do 5-6 feet dummies of wedding cakes too. Even though we call them as Dummies, no body can recognize it. The finishing will be done in such a way that the whole cake looks like the exact design.1 layer dummy, 2 layer dummy, 3 layer dummies can be made with an actual layer of cake.

Pick up / Delivery

We suggest you to get it delivered on the prime day. Pickups can be done only by a car with one more person to hold the cake. For both Birthday & Wedding DELIVERY BY PROFESSIONAL would be the best choice.


Calculate the no of kilos, Pick a flavor & find out the cost from our menu page. Multiply no of kilos x flavor/kilo. Add 45% of designer's charge. Add 5% Tax on the end of the delivery is payable by the customer, depending upon the kms & the actual cost of delivery by any taxi services.(Please refrigerator the product if not used within an hour of delivery)

When to book the cake

All our cakes are made by order and all our fondant dolls are edible, we try not to use any artificial/plastic materials on our designing. For Birthdays give us one week time and book the cake at the earliest. The toys are made by designers who would have a tight schedule.For the Big day (Wedding ) 10 days prior booking is the last chance. It would be advisable not to give us short notices.

* Disclaimer:

10-15% discrepancy from the actual. Damages while transport is not our responsibility.